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Little Miles checking out the camera!

Since HAPI Trails was incorporated in June of 2009, we have received numerous horses into our program.

We have had the great opportunity to care for and find new homes for a majority of the horses who have found their way to us.

The normal fee for adopting a horse from HAPI Trails is $400.00. This fee helps to pay for the cost associated with either that horses needs or other horses in our program, as some need more care than others and we have found this fee effective for the overall care of all our horses.

We ask for a $200.00 non-refundable deposit on the day the horse is delivered or picked-up. Once your 30 day foster/trial period is completed and the match of horse and new owner is approved by all, we ask for the remaining $200.00. Please understand that we are 100% volunteer, and all fees are considered donations. And all fees/donations go directly to helping the horses.


In order to qualify for adopting a horse, you should:

  • Be 18 years of age or over with a history of owning a large animal. (Or have parental assistance/permission)
  • Adopters will have no charges or convictions of inhumane treatment to animals.
  • Agree to NEVER neglect, abandon, or inhumanely treat the animal. (I.e., you must provide regular farrier and veterinary care, de-worming program, proper nutrition and exercise, etc.).
  • Agree that the horse cannot be sold, traded, leased, given away or used for any commercial purpose (including breeding).
  • Any horse adopted from HAPI Trails may not be moved to a new location, leased or loaned to another person without prior approval from HAPI Trails. HAPI Trails also requires all animals be returned to us if for any reason the adoptive owner is unable or unwilling to care of the animal properly.
  • Agree the horse(s) must never be sent to an auction or to slaughter!
  • Horses are herd animals; therefore, HAPI Trails prefers at least one other horse at the new adoptive home.
  • Prior to adoption, a HAPI Trails representative will visit the  facilities, to confirm proper care can and will be provided. HAPI Trails reserves the right to provide life long follow-ups to adoptions. With prior notification, HAPI Trails may request a visit at different intervals each year.
  • It is preferred that the horse be place within 120 miles of HAPI Trails. If the horse is being considered for beyond this range, an animal representative from that area will be requested to view the property and make recommendations.
  • Agrees to provide nutritious amounts of food, water, a safe shelter, and humane treatment at all times. If boarding, the adopter agrees that all of the required provisions for care are met (i.e., the feeding program keeps the horse in good flesh meaning that no backbone or ribs show); otherwise the adopter is subject to a breach of the adoption requirements and the horse will be removed. (You can visit www.horserides.org/nutrition.html for more about feeding.)
  • If located at your property, a minimum of 2.5 total acres is preferred with shelter that can accommodate each horse.
  • The adopter will not place the horse with an abusive trainer or an unskilled rider unless such rider is being provided with professional riding instruction.
  • The adopter will not allow the horse to run at large; adequate fencing must be provided and kept in good repair (prefer no barbed wire unless electric wiring is also provided).
  • HAPI Trails must be notified immediately if the horse dies. A veterinarian’s statement/cause of death is requested along with permission to contact the vet.
  • The adopter agrees to de-worming every 2 months, based on your choice of de-worming program. (You can visit www.horsekeeping.com/horse_health_care/horse_dewormers.htm for information/exceptions.)
  • The adopter agrees to have the horses hooves trimmed every 6 to 9 weeks, based on the growth of the hoof. (You can visitwww.horserides.org/hoof-care.html for basic hoof care information.)
  • The adopter agrees to provide a regular schedule of vaccinations and routine Veterinarian check-ups. (You can visit www.animalforum.com/hvaccinate.htm for information on vaccinations.)
  • The adopter is responsible for all expenses incurred for horse care. However if an adopter has difficulty with providing proper care due to financial straights, HAPI Trails may be available financial assistance in return for volunteer time.

HAPI Trails can not guarantee any horses(s) as to its disposition or training. HAPI Trails can not be held liable for damages, injuries, etc. caused by an adopted horse. Horses that come into our program are sometimes young, untrained or abused. Due to their sometimes neglected condition, temperament generally changes with proper care. HAPI Trails will include with each adoption a complete file on the animal(s), which will explain why the horse came to be surrendered to HAPI Trails, what veterinary care it received while it was under the care of HAPI Trails and what the staff and foster parents have personally noticed about the horses’s disposition and training.

Each adopter will have 30 days to “foster” the horse on their property or at their facility of choice. This 30 day foster period is provided to make sure all parties involved, included other equines, are accepting and the adoption is a good match.

At the end of the 30 day period any final papers, i.e. Brand inspection, health reports, adoption ‘sale/form’ will be provided Unless the match is confirmed within the 30 days, at which time all papers will be provided to the new owner.

HAPI Trails has the right to remove an adopted horse from new owner, without the use of a lawyer, if HAPI Trails deems the new owner is not meeting these agreed upon requirements.

Our goal is to give the horse a new home and new life. We understand if an adoption is not a good fit and the horse needs to be returned to our program. Giving the horse an opportunity to settle into it’s new home and family is time well spent. Our mission is to provide care for the horse and find it the best family possible. We are 100% volunteer.

Once you decide to adopt a horse from HAPI Trails, we will ask for your signature.

Attached is our Adoption Agreement and Application Form, please read the agreement, fill out the Form and send it back to us. Thank you for considering adopting a horse from HAPI Trails.

Adoption Application

HAPI Adoption Application – download pdf

HAPI Adoption Agreement – download pdf