HAPI Trails, Horse Rescue

Our Vision is that all horses are given the opportunity to be loved, happy and healthy.

Helping Horses Heal

Connecting Horses with People

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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a happy, healthy and nurturing environment for unwanted, abused, abandoned, retired and neglected horses.

We are 100% volunteer and dedicated to placing these horses in loving, compassionate and permanent homes, enhancing the life of the horse as well as the new owners.

After helping several horses over the last few years find new homes, we discovered there are more and more horses being displaced and in need of help.

There are old horses and young ones, some retired and some being neglected or abused. Some horses have owners who can no longer care for them due to financial difficulties, personal injuries or they must move and cannot take their horses. Whatever their history, these horses all deserve to be cared for in a healthy and nurturing environment, and this is where HAPI Trails can help.

By assessing each horse and matching that animal to an appropriate owner, we can help provide good homes for these wonderful animals. We prefer to place horses in permanent homes; therefore no HAPI Trails horse may be sold or given away and is always welcome back into the program. HAPI Trails performs follow-up visits and provides continued support for all of our animals and owners.


Non profit Organization Established June 8, 2009
EIN: 27-0510651

Photo: Tallulah with Vicki O’Brian’s horses, Cheeky & Calamity. Vicki was the originator of a horse rescue program in our area, she was killed in a car accident in March of 2006.