Give the Gift of a New HAPI Home

The HAPI Trails Rescue & Rehabilitation Ranch Capital Campaign

The Challenge

Teton Valley needs HAPI TRAILS
Teton Valley is a ranching community and many residents come here to fulfill a dream of living in the West and owning horses. In reality owners age, pass away, or find themselves in difficult financial or physical situations wherein they can no longer properly care for their horses. Unfortunately, we have also had to actively intervene in several hoarding/neglect situations and have encountered cases of people just abandoning horses they can no longer care for.
Since we began in 2009, we have rescued fifty horses and have maintained an ‘at capacity’ status with horses in our care. We work regularly with Teton County Sheriff’s office to collect rogue horses and provide care and housing for impounded or lost horses. We maintain two emergency spaces within our system for these agencies. We have, on average, five horses in foster care in our network at any given moment. As stated earlier, we also have to turn away horses that really need our help because we just do not have enough space or funding to take them.

The Need

HAPI Trails R&R Ranch benefits the community
Having this facility will allow us to stabilize our services and expand our capacity to meet the real needs of the community as follows:
• for emergency care of horses, increasing our annual capacity up to 25 horses;
• to provide and expand the Equine Assisted Therapy (EAP);
• to provide public education and outreach programs in partnership with 4H and other Valley groups; and
• to provide workshops and clinics on site, which will earn income for the organization.
Having a professional permanent facility, will allow us to dramatically stabilize and strategically expand our services, including our ability to earn income. We are already being asked to host workshops and events which will become possible in our new center. This in turn will expand Teton Valley’s visibility in the region as an equine destination. Our equestrian events have brought participants from all over the region.

The Solution

Early in 2016, The Teton Saddleback Homeowners Association (TSHA) approached Valley Advocates for Responsible Development (VARD) requesting help to revitalize their abandoned Equine facility. VARD suggested they partner with us. After much discussion and negotiation, HT now has a ten-year contract with TSHA which is just a start up agreement to build a facility on the 16.75 acres at the Teton Saddleback Vistas community (Draft Agreement available on request).
This opportunity will help us expand our services to meet the urgent need within Teton County which has only grown as the population grows. Our plan is to build a ranch dedicated to: emergency rescue and rehabilitation of horses; the Equine Therapy program for residents; and provide a community center for education about horse care.

Please note Capital donations are not at risk. Teton Saddleback Vistas Homeowners Association (TSVHA) and HAPI Trails (HT) are committed to this being a permanent facility, but our contract states that should either party decide to end the contract TSVHA will buy back all of the HT investment.

A New Barn

A New Property

A New Way to Care