Upcoming Events

Tin Cup Challenge : July 15th : Driggs City Center

Taming Wild Freedom Clinic : August 5th & 6th : Teton Saddleback Vistas, Victor

Camping for a Cause : August 21st : Teton Saddleback Vistas

The Competitive Trail Challenge : September 23rd : Teton Saddleback Vistas

TAMING WILD Horsemanship Clinic

The Clinic is scheduled for August 5th -6th from 9 am to 5 pm in Victor.

Tin Cup Challenge








The funds raised through last years Tin Cup Challenge helped HAPI Trails care for the horses in our program throughout the entire year. This MATCHED Giving Grant provides over 55% of HAPI Trails annual budget and allows us to care for our hoses in ways we would not be able to through regular fundraising events and contributions.

Because of the Tin Cup we were able to:

  • Purchase ALL of our hay – 63 tons,
  • Purchase 3,283 pounds (65 bags) of supplemental feeds,
  • Provide all 18 of our horses with veterinarian care, plus allowing for one horse to have surgery removing an enlarged herna – thus utilizing the stall purchased from the previous years Tin Cup funds,
  • Put a new roof on an old portable shelter,
  • Purchase 1 of our 3 ‘Hay Huts’ used to cover our hay and allow for a ‘free feed’ program (a 24/7 feeding schedule) and reducing the risk of colic in those horses,
  • And sent 4 horses to professional trainers which resulted in all 4 horses being adopted!