Upcoming Events

Taming Wild Freedom Clinic : August 5th & 6th : Teton Saddleback Vistas, Victor

Camping for a Cause : August 21st : Teton Saddleback Vistas

The Competitive Trail Challenge : September 23rd : Teton Saddleback Vistas

TAMING WILD Horsemanship Clinic

The Clinic is scheduled for August 5th -6th from 9 am to 5 pm in Victor.

Eclipse Camping

August 16th - 23rd

Competitive Trail Challenge

September 23rd, 2017

The Competitive Trail Challenge








The highly anticipated Competitive Trail Challenge is almost here! Online Registration will begin August 15th.
HAPI Trails Rescue & Rehabilitation Ranch IN TETON SADDLEBACK VISTAS!

160 Acres of beautiful winding trails that cross multiple creeks, meander through aspen and cottonwood groves and along the sage plains. It’s all on private property that is rarely accessed by the public. It is our own private Idaho!

The HAPI Trails Competitive Trail Competition provides horse enthusiasts from around the region a unique opportunity to come together and support horses in need. A full day of horse fun, the Trail Competition consists of 5 miles of beautiful trails, with 6 judged obstacle stations. Come ride with your friends at an enjoyable pace and cheer each other on as you test your horsemanship skills over the natural trail obstacles.

Groups are still limited to 6 riders, so start lining up your friends now! SPACE IS LIMITED!
Awards will be given for the group with the best combined scores.

Arrive on Friday, September 22th, and join us for the Meet & Greet, practice your moves and meet new friends. We will be offering camping, RV parking with hook-ups and horse boarding – all in one location! This fun evening is a great start to the CTC!

And of course we have a theme and fun things up our sleeve! Stay tuned!