CLINIC: August 5th-6th from 9 am to 5 pm at the New HAPI Trails Ranch & Rehabilitation Ranch located in Teton Saddleback Vistas.

The early bird price for the workshop is 250$ for the weekend.
Prices will go up to $300 after June 30th. Auditing costs $30/day.

Forge a Deeper Bond is a two day workshops with horse trainer, Elsa Sinclair. Working with participants and a small herd of horses, Elsa will weave together the nuts and bolts of how we read, respond to and collaborate with our horses. Elsa’s Freedom Based Training™ methods help us develop the depth of relationship we want with our horses so that we can work toward common goals.

A limit of 12 human participants keeps the instruction personal and on point for the students. Auditors are always welcome.

Workshops are open to participants of all levels and abilities. Freedom Based Training™ is adaptable to whatever level, you and the horses will always have something new to learn.

Workshops are run in the format of two, three hour sessions with a lunch break in-between. The participants can expect some lecture time to introduce each new concept, observation of the horses as they show us how they use these ideas with each other and then hands on time developing skill and timing in building relationship.

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