Without foster homes, HAPI Trials wouldn’t be able to accept as many horses into our adoption program. By fostering a horse you are providing the horse with a place to live, shelter, food, water, proper medical care if needed, and just some good old TLC. You will be responsible for the actual costs in caring for the horse, however your expenses are tax deductible and HAPI Trails is willing to assist, should you have the need. Horses may be fostered from 30-90 days at a time or a longer period of time if the horse is not adopted quickly and the foster home is willing. All foster horses remain up tor adoption. The foster home always has first option in adopting the fostered horse. In order to be accepted into our foster program you must complete this Application, provide one personal references, and allow for a home visit of where the horse will be fostered. Once you have been approved as a foster facility you may make an appointment to discuss your foster capabilities.
Things to remember prior to fostering a horse from HAPI Trails:
In order for your fostered horse to find a permanent home, potential adopters must be able to visit the horse. You will be asked to make appointments with potential adopters to show the horse and discuss the horse’s abilities. If you do not want to be bothered by people coming to look at the horse, please don’t consider fostering. Fostering a horse can be emotional, please make sure that you discuss the concept of fostering with everyone in your family and make sure that they understand that the horse will eventually be leaving.

Foster Application
Who will be feeding the fostered equine?
First Name / Last Name
Would you be willing to have a HAPI Trails Team Member call your veterinarian for a reference check? (Please authorize vet to speak with us)
First Name / Last Name
Your help to us, will be ‘paid forward’ in our helping others. Thank you for supporting our efforts and our organization. Our promises to you during this boarding time are: 1) If at any point our horses on your property are no longer wanted, for whatever reason, they will be removed within 24 hours time. 2) Any veterinarian or farrier care will be paid for and provided by HAPI Trails Vet for Teton Valley is Circle S Mobile Vet/Dr. Summer: 208-201-8188 Farrier for both Jackson and Teton Valley is Alex Hunnick: 307-413-4829 3) If HAPI Trails has a potential adopter for one of our horses in your care, we will notify 24 hours prior to the requested meeting, and it will take place only if it is convenient for you. We promise continued support & responsibility for the horse in your care and want to do our part in making sure this is a positive experience for all involved, including the horse. This is such an incredible gift and opportunity for us, we can not thank you enough. By sending this electronically, I acknowledge that I have completely read this questionnaire and comprehend it fully. I understand that APPLYING does not ensure approval and that untruthful answers or failure to comply with the requirements of this application can result in the forfeiture of any HAPI Trails animal fostered by me. I certify that the above information is correct, and I understand that the information will be verified. I understand that by submitting this form electronically, I agree to release and covenant to hold harmless HAPI Trails and it's members from any claims, damages, costs, or actions incurred because of the care or actions of the foster equine. I accept full responsibility for the horse(s) actions at all times, and release HAPI Trails from any liabilities or damages that may be incurred because of fostering such horses). I agree to have HAPI Trails complete reference call checks and conduct a home visit inspection to be able to approve my foster application. I agree that if I'm unable to KEEP the horse(s) anymore that I will return the horse(s) to HAPI Trails.